Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sei whales, sperm whales and a lot of dolphins in the Azores

In Pico Island, we had a fantastic day at the sea with a lot of marine life! 
We saw a total of five species. 
We encountered Sei whales, Sperm whales and, one of the female Sperm whales with her calf. 

Sperm whale tail

Sei whale

We also saw Common and Risso’s dolphins very curious and, for the first time of the year in Pico Island, we encountered Spotted dolphins very sociable, as they are!

Common dolphin

Spotted dolphin

Rissos dolphin

In São Miguel Island, we had a foggy day: the ‘neblinas de São João’ as we called here on the Island. Despite we didn’t see any big whale we saw four different species of dolphins, including our three resident species (common, bottlenose and Risso’s) plus a group of striped dolphins.
Big groups, with babies and very curious, we could call a ‘many dolphins day’. Much of them were mating!

Watching dolphins

Striped dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

Striped dolphins jumping

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins mating

Common dolphins mating

Common dolphins mating

Watching Common dolphins

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