Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sperm whales, Bottlenose and Striped dolphins and a special encountered with a whale shark!

In Pico Island, today we went out to the ocean for swimming with dolphins. During the trip, we saw three Sperm whales. Then we continued and we encountered Bottlenose dolphins to swim with them.

When we returned, we saw very speedy Striped dolphins and another very special species. We encountered one Whale shark and we had the chance to catch this moment on camera by one of our guests!  Whale sharks are the biggest sharks and they can reach up to 13 meters. This is a rare encounter for us and that is why we want to share this special sighting with you. Check the footage on our Facebook Page

Photos by Rui Santos and David Rodrigues 

Sperm whale tail

Striped dolphins jumping out of the water 

Bottlenose dolphin

In São Miguel Island we saw Bottlenose and Striped dolphins too. 

This morning we observed the difference between the big Bottlenose Dolphins and the agile and fast Striped Dolphins.

Whale watching aboard Catamaran Cetus

They let the sea appearing to be boiling water, as they showed us their typical behavior of “flying” over the water to reach high speeds with less friction in the air than under water.  

That’s how they prefer to move also without boats around. 

Bottlenose dolphin jump out of the water 

Biologist Carine Zimmermann presentation info about dolphins 

Bottlenose dolphin bubbles 

Bottlenose dolphin 

Watching Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins jumping in the Ocean 

Biologist Cristina Bernabéu presentation info about dolphins 

On the second tour we found a Sei Whale which also demonstrated that they can swim fast and doing so he let us see more of its dark body and most of its head even part of the lower jaw. Later we met again the acrobatic and playful Bottlenose Dolphins putting on a show for us.

Sei whale

Sei whale

Sei whale

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