Friday, June 8, 2018

World Ocean Day

Today is the world Ocean day, and because of that, we are here to thank the entire oceans on Earth.
Thank you for creating us!

The ocean is the source of life, without them life is impossible. Every single form of life that is known as a past in the ocean, from a single cell to us. Earth was lifeless 3.5 billion years ago, but in a certain point, molecules start to interact with the environment creating something very important to live… Oxygen! And it started in the ocean. The small cells were first acting on their own and then they started to cooperate, forming more complex colonies, originating plants and sea animals. Eventually, life came out of the ocean adapting to new terrestrial environments. So thanks OceanJ.
Thank you to keep us alive!

Without you, we would lose our main producer of oxygen. We would suffer from more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, having more storms, an unstable climate, but you are our cushion, giving us a milder climate and stability.

Thank you for what you give us!

But instead of being grateful for food and resources we are demanding more and more. We struggle to realize that it’s us depending on you and not the other way round. So now it’s time to save ourselves by saving the ocean. So let’s do it! We as humans are powerful in our achievements and even taking individual actions, many drops are forming an ocean. So let’s reduce our negative impact in using less material like plastic, making more out of things we can’t avoid, like reuse and recycle. Let’s take care of what we eat by choosing sustainable products and reasonable amounts. We don’t need to have seafood on our plates every day and when we do we can select labels like MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) which assures us that our food comes from a stock which is still doing well and take in a way which is not harming. Like this, the wildlife has the chances to recover and everyone can play its vital role in this huge ecosystem. Let’s help to create more sanctuaries where the flora and fauna can recover from our exploits and all of us will profit again.

Thanks to everybody who is joining us in our cause to save us by taking care of the ocean!

Written by Inês Coelho, Victor Ojeda Martin & Carine Zimmermann

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