Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sperm whale tails and Sei whales on a summer day!

In São Miguel we had a great summer day: great sea and sun in the sky! We have seen a great group of bottlenose dolphins, curious and always close to the boat, very active, jumping and socializing all day.

Photos by Laura

Bottlenose and shearwater

Bottlenose dolphins

Common tern

Sei whale

And sei whales!! This week we have seen them several times, and today both in the morning and afternoon tours, different animals on each trip, constantly traveling west. We could perfectly see the (only) ridge on the top of the head. Wish them a nice migration further north! 

Photos by Mariana Silva

Sei whale

Sei whale

Photo by David Rodrigues

Sei whale blowhole 

In Pico Island, we had a Sperm whale day! In the morning several females with juveniles that showed us the tails. Still, in the morning time, we saw our resident dolphin species: the common dolphins and Risso's dolphins and also the last sighting...some Sowerby beaked whales! In the afternoon a big male that showed one really high tail. Both in the morning and afternoon, we could see pilot whales

Photos by Rui Santos

Sowerby beaked whales

Risso's dolphins

Common dolphins

Sperm whale diving

Monday, July 30, 2018

4 beaked whales in Pico Island and in São Miguel we saw a lot of dolphins and sperm whales

In São Miguel, we started our tour with a nice view of the whole island up to the peaks. 

On the ocean we found on the catamarans the Common Dolphins first and later the Bottlenose Dolphins. 

From our zodiacs we observed Common Dolphins and Striped Dolphins during the morning. The afternoon we started with the same group of Bottlenose Dolphins with our familiar Alvin with a cut off dorsal fin. 

Photos by Mariana Silva

Two bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Photos by Laura González

Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins

Then we entered in the area of the sperm whales, where some went for shallow dives while others showed their majestical flukes. As they seemed all to be very big animals it looked like we were surrounded by males which are not as usual as the resident females. 

To round up our day we met the group of Alvin again and this time we spot also a new born among the bottlenose dolphins.

Male Sperm whale

Sperm whale

Sperm whale tail

In Pico Island, we started the day with a sighting of 4 beaked whales – Mesoplodon genus - unfortunately we could not identify the species. Then we encountered Risso's dolphins who were so curious about the boat. They seemed like they were smiling at us! 

Then we saw a group of spotted dolphins and when before we come back, we went to see a male sperm whale, but he was a little shy with our presence, so we went back to the port!

Photos by Rui Santos

Beaked whale - Mesoplodon genus

Spotted dolphins

Beautiful risso's dolphin

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Two sei whales traveling toguether

Today we started our tour nicely with two sei whales that were traveling together, not far from Ponta Delgada. These migratory whales typically come past the Azores from during the late spring to early summer, but it is also quite common for us to see them here right throughout the summer. Last year we even saw a few as late as the winter. It was a really nice encounter with the sei whales as they were traveling together, always close to the
surface and coming up often to breathe. 

Next we had a big group of common dolphins to see. They were together with a lot of birds, mostly Cory's shearwaters, as they were all feeding on a school of fish at the surface. This ment that we could see a lot of activity as we witnessed this feeding frenzy. 

In the afternoon we had a group of bottlenose dolphins to see close to shore. It was a nice group of about 30 individuals that were very curious as they were approaching our boat to bowride.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Sei whale surfacing 

Group of common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

Swimming with common dolphins

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Amazing sunny day with 5 species of dolphins!

Finally the sun was out all day and the island of São Miguel was quite cloudless. We went eastward and had a beautiful view of the south east coast and on the way we found several groups of dolphins. 

We started with Common Dolphins followed by Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and then we went to the much bigger species like the Bottlenose Dolphins. 

The highlight was the not often sighted Risso’s Dolphins which were even leaping high out of the water from time to time. From our zodiac it was instead of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins the Striped Dolphins to be seen. 

The afternoon tour was encountering a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and two very friendly groups of Common Dolphins leaping, bow- and wake riding; enjoying our presence.

Photos by Mariana Silva and Rafael Martins

Risso's dolphin jumping out of the water

Risso's dolphin

Common dolphin and cory's shearwaters

Common dolphin with baby

Spotted dolphins

In Pico Island the whale watching tours were also dedicated to dolphins. We saw risso's dolphins as well and also atlantic spotted dolphins. As you know, these ones normally visit us during the summer.

Photos by Rui Santos

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Risso's dolphin

Spotted dolphin jumping

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dolphins watching in the Azores

Today in São Miguel island we had a dolphins day! We saw a lot of dolphins playing and very active and curious. Here you are the best photos of the day!

Common dolphin

Common dolphins

Common dolphin jumping

Spotted dolphins

This morning in Pico Island we went swimming with dolphins. We were with a group of very active striped dolphins. They were so fast we couldn't follow them at that speed! Then we went swimming with Risso's dolphins. We can see them very well underwater!

Striped dolphins very active 

Risso's dolphins

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A big family of sperm whales in São Miguel Island and a lot of pilot whales in Pico Island

Today we had an amazing day!

An amazing surprise in the morning with six northern bottlenose whales very calm a nice to see, plus bottlenose and common dolphins very friendly and nice.

The afternoon surprised us with a big family of sperm whales, at least 20 whales around us, very calm and socializing, what a great day we had!

Also, bottlenose and common dolphins were seen in the afternoon.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Bottlenose dolphins close to shore

Northern bottlenose whales

Northern bottlenose whales

Playful common dolphins

Sperm whale group again

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Two common terns with fish

On Pico Island, we saw pilot whales and spotted dolphins. Why go see cetaceans in captivity? Isn't it much better to see them in their natural habitat where they do whatever they want? Observe the second image below!

Photos by Rui Santos

Pilot whales

Spotted dolphins

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