Thursday, July 26, 2018

A big family of sperm whales in São Miguel Island and a lot of pilot whales in Pico Island

Today we had an amazing day!

An amazing surprise in the morning with six northern bottlenose whales very calm a nice to see, plus bottlenose and common dolphins very friendly and nice.

The afternoon surprised us with a big family of sperm whales, at least 20 whales around us, very calm and socializing, what a great day we had!

Also, bottlenose and common dolphins were seen in the afternoon.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Bottlenose dolphins close to shore

Northern bottlenose whales

Northern bottlenose whales

Playful common dolphins

Sperm whale group again

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Two common terns with fish

On Pico Island, we saw pilot whales and spotted dolphins. Why go see cetaceans in captivity? Isn't it much better to see them in their natural habitat where they do whatever they want? Observe the second image below!

Photos by Rui Santos

Pilot whales

Spotted dolphins

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