Saturday, July 28, 2018

Amazing sunny day with 5 species of dolphins!

Finally the sun was out all day and the island of São Miguel was quite cloudless. We went eastward and had a beautiful view of the south east coast and on the way we found several groups of dolphins. 

We started with Common Dolphins followed by Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and then we went to the much bigger species like the Bottlenose Dolphins. 

The highlight was the not often sighted Risso’s Dolphins which were even leaping high out of the water from time to time. From our zodiac it was instead of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins the Striped Dolphins to be seen. 

The afternoon tour was encountering a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and two very friendly groups of Common Dolphins leaping, bow- and wake riding; enjoying our presence.

Photos by Mariana Silva and Rafael Martins

Risso's dolphin jumping out of the water

Risso's dolphin

Common dolphin and cory's shearwaters

Common dolphin with baby

Spotted dolphins

In Pico Island the whale watching tours were also dedicated to dolphins. We saw risso's dolphins as well and also atlantic spotted dolphins. As you know, these ones normally visit us during the summer.

Photos by Rui Santos

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Risso's dolphin

Spotted dolphin jumping

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