Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Another adventurous day out on the ocean

Today we had another adventurous day out on the ocean with different species to see throughout the day. 

In the morning we encountered a large group of common dolphins close to Ponta Delgada. There were at least 200 individuals, all travelling together and accompanied by many small calves. 

When we returned to sea in the afternoon we were surprised to encounter two Sowerby's beaked whales close to shore, in an area only about 300 metres deep. This is pretty shallow for beaked whales and the other surpising thing is that we could see them really close to our boats. Normally beaked whales are very shy and elusive, so we consider ourselves to be very lucky to have such a close encounter with these two individuals. 

Also in the afternoon we encountered a large feeding group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, and even further out in deep water we had an active group of striped dolphins. It was another great day out on the sea in São Miguel.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Common dolphin bubbles

Common dolphin jumping

Spotted dolphin jumping

Common tern

Common dolphin jumping

Watching spotted dolphins

 Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Sowerby's Beaked Whale

Sowerby's Beaked Whales surfacing together

Striped Dolphin breaching

Striped Dolphin backwards breach

On Pico Island, we had the 4 seasons! We started the day like we are fall season and at lunchtime, we had the winter season. Then we waiting for spring and we encountered male Risso’s dolphins and a big group of pilot whales with calves and juveniles who were very curious about our boat.

Risso's dolphin

Pilot whale and calf

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