Friday, July 20, 2018

Dolphins feeding, mating jumping....3 species!

We started the day with some clouds and some rain, but that was not a problem for the dolphins. Our first encounter was with a nice group of common dolphins, all feeding at the same time as the cory's shearwater. 

We continued the tour and now was the time for the bottlenose dolphins, it was a very big pod and we could see a lot o matting behavior in the area ...apparently next year we will have more dolphins! 

Right in the end of the morning Atlantic spotted dolphins showed up out of the blue and were also working for the next generation of dolphins! All this pods were full of babies!

In the afternoon tour we found again the bottlenose dolphins but this time they were about 100 meters from shore. It is not that normal in the Azores to found dolphins so close to shore but bottlenose dolphins also look for food in the sea bottom, like for example octopus. In the end more common dolphins appear and we spend the last minutes of the afternoon in their company.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins really close to the shore

Our zodiac 

Common dolphin jumping

In Pico Island this morning we swam with spotted dolphins. Sometimes they were really curious with our boat and sometimes they were moving really fast as you can see in the photos taken by Rui Santos.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

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