Monday, July 9, 2018

False killer whales for the first time this month!

The sea was choppy today but apparently dolphins like it!
In the morning we spotted our first false killer whales of July. They were very close to shore, and we traveled with them for around 4 miles. 

False killer whale 

Watching False killer whales in São Miguel Island tour

Bottlenose dolphins also showed up to surf the waves. Our swimming with dolphin boat spotted a pod of common dolphins together with the striped dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphins

In the afternoon we tried to find a whale that our lookout spotted but unfortunately, we could not find it but on our way back Atlantic spotted dolphins found us. 

In Pico Island we swam with a nice group of Atlantic spotted dolphins.
We also enountered Risso's dolphins and a female sowerby's beaked whale with a calf . 

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