Monday, July 16, 2018

Many baby dolphins in our tours

Today in Sao Miguel we saw the same large group of young bottlenose dolphins we saw yesterday. They were spread out over a large area, always very active and mating! Jumps, leaps, bellies up and splashes all over! 

After that we went further south to enjoy with a big group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. There were so many babies! Very young ones, even newborns! Summer time!!! :)

Photos by David Rodrigues

Spotted dolphins with a baby

Spotted dolphin

Spotted dolphin jumping

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

This morning in Pico island we where along with a group of spotted dolphins, always following our boat. After that we found a group of male risso's dolphins with their ususal shy behaviour. They show themselves very way anyway :)

Photos by Rui Santos

Spotted dolphin in Pico Island

Risso's dolphin

In the afternoon, we went swimming with dolphins. It was a group of male residents dolphins. Near the area, we also had sperm whales, so we went there and we get to see a sperm whale tail and a calf very curious about our boat. We also encountered a group of Sowerby's beaked whale and some calves. 

Sperm whale tail

Sperm whale calf blowhole 

Sowerby's beaked whale

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