Sunday, July 8, 2018

Many sperm whales diving and 3 species of dolphins

Today in São Miguel we have had very nice tours with plenty of animals! We were with several groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins, all of them very active, and a fast pod of striped dolphins.

We saw plenty of sperm whales, diving more in the morning, and jumping in the afternoon! The sperm whales were a known pod, the one we call 'the pink group' with Elsemiek and Peregrine diving in front of us.

Also a nice pod of pilot whales was around with the sperm whales. In the last days, we have seen Bulwer's petrels almost in every tour, which is not so common! So come and join us to enjoy the Azorean ocean those days!

Photos by Marina Gardoki, Carine Zimmermann, and Rui Santos

Sperm whale diving

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Sperm whale

2 sperm whales next to each other

A group of bottlenose dolphins

In Pico Island we saw a couple of sei whales, one of them was very curious with our boat. We also saw a group of female sperm whales with a calf and a group of risso's dolphins.

Sei whale surfacing

Risso's dolphins

Female sperm whale and calf

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