Wednesday, July 18, 2018

More pilot whales in Pico Island and São Miguel!

Today morning we started the day a bit cloudy and we could see our resident species, the  common dolphin. Then we tried to find something else but we didn't have luck.

After that, in the afternoon we went far away, close to Povoação and we spotted again common dolphins. Suddenly in the same area
 pilot whales appeared making us smile. They where in a really good mood with us.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann and David Rodrigues

Pilot whale spyhopping

Pilot whales

Common dolphin

Common dolphins

In Pico Island, we had a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins a bit active like the winds blowing and the ocean waves! 

Photos by Rui Santos

Atlantic spotted dolphins

And we also had with bottlenose dolphins. They love jumping in big waves! 

Bottlenose dolphin flying 

We also encountered a group of pilot whales. We saw about 30 individuals. In the Azores pilot whales are frequently sighted from April to October.

Pilot whale

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