Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sowerby's beaked whales in Pico Island and Atlantic spotted dolphin with a baby in São Miguel Island

 In Pico Island, we saw a group of four female Sperm whales with a juvenile and two calves. We also encountered a group of Sowerby's beaked whales and we also saw a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins very active and curious with our boat.

Sowerby's beaked whale

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Sperm whale tail

In São Miguel Island, the day started with some rain but it didn't last. So in the afternoon, we were enjoying a sunny day. The wind was just picking up at the end of the second tour so it was comfortable to be out on the ocean. 

On both trips, we enjoyed the presence of a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins with many newborns among them. Some came to check us out, bowriding or even doing some high leaps. In the morning we had the chance to see a traveling sperm whale far to the east of Sao Miguel and in the afternoon we went 16 miles far from the coast to see sperm whales as well. This time we saw a very big male (with a really big head) always after three females. In the end, we saw the tails of two females and the male, that had a distinguish curly tail.

Atlantic spotted dolphin and a baby

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Cory’s shearwater 

Atlantic Spotted dolphin 

Atlantic Spotted dolphin jumping

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