Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sperm whale and bottlenose dolphins in São Miguel and in Pico 5 species

Today we had a beautiful day for our sightings during our tours. We saw a sperm whale diving. We are pretty sure it was the same individual in the morning tour and in the afternoon tour.

Photos by Mariana Silva and Rui Santos

Sperm whale diving

 Sperm whale

Our zodiac and a sperm whale

We also saw a giant group of bottlenose dolphins. Is curious the fact they were also the same individuals we encountered in the morning :)

Bottlenose dolphins surfacing

In Pico island we had a wonderful whale watching day. The highlight perhaps are the sowerby beaked whales we saw. It's such a rare species. But we also encountered sperm whales, sei whales, risso's dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

Sei whale surfacing

A group of risso's dolphins

Sperm whale

Beaked whales

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