Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sperm whale tails and Sei whales on a summer day!

In São Miguel we had a great summer day: great sea and sun in the sky! We have seen a great group of bottlenose dolphins, curious and always close to the boat, very active, jumping and socializing all day.

Photos by Laura

Bottlenose and shearwater

Bottlenose dolphins

Common tern

Sei whale

And sei whales!! This week we have seen them several times, and today both in the morning and afternoon tours, different animals on each trip, constantly traveling west. We could perfectly see the (only) ridge on the top of the head. Wish them a nice migration further north! 

Photos by Mariana Silva

Sei whale

Sei whale

Photo by David Rodrigues

Sei whale blowhole 

In Pico Island, we had a Sperm whale day! In the morning several females with juveniles that showed us the tails. Still, in the morning time, we saw our resident dolphin species: the common dolphins and Risso's dolphins and also the last sighting...some Sowerby beaked whales! In the afternoon a big male that showed one really high tail. Both in the morning and afternoon, we could see pilot whales

Photos by Rui Santos

Sowerby beaked whales

Risso's dolphins

Common dolphins

Sperm whale diving

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