Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Three Northern bottlenose whales in São Miguel Island

Today we have been with a big group of common dolphins with very young babies. They are still learning to jump! 

This morning, while looking for sperm whales, we found three ​North Atlantic bottlenose whales... what a surprise!! They are not seeing quite often here, so everytime they appear is a bonus for us! 

A big male sperm whale was around as well, doing very long dives and showing his majestic tail.

Photo by David Rodrigues​ and Laura González

Northern bottlenose whale

Sperm whale tail 

Common dolphins 

Bottlenose dolphins

Whale watching tour

 Cory's shearwater

In Pico Island, today it was an excellent day at the sea! We had many dolphins. In the morning, we saw a group of female Risso’s dolphins with calves and then we encountered a group of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins very active. 

In the afternoon, we had more Risso’s dolphins but this time, they were a group with some males and we also encountered bottlenose dolphins very curious about our boat.

Photos by Rui Santos 

Risso's dolphin and a calf

Risso´s dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin and pilot whales

Bottlenose dolphin

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