Sunday, July 22, 2018

Today we saw sperm whales that we know very well here in São Miguel

We spent today in the company of a group of sperm whales. It is a group of several females and young sperm whales that we have been seeing since at least 2010 and it has become our second most encountered sperm whale group here. 

In the morning we encountered and photographed 3 different adults: one we call "Lobtail", another we call " Elsemiek" and finally "Angel" who we saw together with a calf. In the afternoon we re-encountered Angel with the calf as well as Elsemiek again. Throughout the day we could enjoy seeing their tails as they went on their deep feeding dives. As well as the whales we also encountered dolphins today. 

Photos by Carine Zimmermann 

Sperm whale "Angel" with calf morning and afternoon

Baby Common Dolphin leaping

Atlantic Spotted dolphin juveniles

Sperm whale "Elsemiek" fluking morning once and afternoon twice

Sperm whale "Lobtail" fluking morning

Manx Shearwater

In the morning we had a lot of Atlantic spotted dolphins spread out over a large area and they even approached one of the sperm whales that we were watching. We also briefly encountered some common dolphins in the morning and from one of our boats a group of bottlenose dolphins was seen. 

Photos by Mariana Silva

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphin

Spotted dolphins

The dolphins seen during the afternoon tour were common dolphins, meaning that everyone got to see both whales and dophins today.

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