Sunday, July 29, 2018

Two sei whales traveling toguether

Today we started our tour nicely with two sei whales that were traveling together, not far from Ponta Delgada. These migratory whales typically come past the Azores from during the late spring to early summer, but it is also quite common for us to see them here right throughout the summer. Last year we even saw a few as late as the winter. It was a really nice encounter with the sei whales as they were traveling together, always close to the
surface and coming up often to breathe. 

Next we had a big group of common dolphins to see. They were together with a lot of birds, mostly Cory's shearwaters, as they were all feeding on a school of fish at the surface. This ment that we could see a lot of activity as we witnessed this feeding frenzy. 

In the afternoon we had a group of bottlenose dolphins to see close to shore. It was a nice group of about 30 individuals that were very curious as they were approaching our boat to bowride.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Sei whale surfacing 

Group of common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

Swimming with common dolphins

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