Thursday, August 9, 2018

Jumping sperm whales and dolphin newborns!

This morning was the sperm whale’s morning! Three sperm whales showed their tails when going for deep dives, and the last one also jumps just in front of us. How big even a young animal can be… Amazing! In the afternoon we traveled further offshore, always searching around, and the patience was rewarded, we found a huge pod of Risso's dolphins!! Adults, juveniles and even newborns on the group.  Always with the sun shining in the sky.. a bonus in the Azores! On the way back, playful spotted dolphins as well! Always with the sun shining on the sky.. a bonus in the Azores! 
Photos by Laura González

Breaching Sperm whale

Breaching Sperm whale

Sperm whale tail

Risso's dolphins

Risso's closer look

Photo by David Rodrigues
 Spotted dolphins

Photo by Rafael Martins
Sperm whale diving

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