Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Another beautiful day with more than 200 dolphins in São Miguel Island

Today was another beautiful day. 
The ocean was really calm, reflecting the blue of the sky and the island very green! And it was a dolphin’s day. 

Photo by David Rodrigues

Started our tour in the morning aboard Catamaran

During the morning we could spot 3 different species of dolphins. We started with a group of bottlenose dolphins, then a large group of Risso's dolphins and finished with a group of more than 100 Atlantic spotted dolphins

Risso's dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphins

Photos by Alvaro RP 

Marine biologist Andreia during our tour

Our new vessel "Mirone" is very confortable

In the afternoon we spotted a group of more than 100 striped dolphins, very active and jumping very high and we finished with common dolphins.

Have you enjoyed your day as we did?

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