Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dolphins jumping out of the water like crazy!

Another sunny day and calm sea in São Miguel island!

In the morning we managed to see a big pod of bottlenose dolphins, a bit spread out and moving towards east. We saw as well common dolphins and striped dolphins going like crazy jumping out of the water all the time. 

Photos by David Rodrigues

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Common dolphins underwater

Common dolphins underwater

On the afternoon trip we moved to the east and guess what we saw the same group of bottlenose dolphins from the morning trip. 

Then our lookout guided us towards an area with sperm whales. We saw 3 adults and a calf, really calm and socializing. On the end we saw 3 tails and on the way back we spotted more striped dolphins.

Who was on our catamaran still managed to see jumps, lobtailing and spy hopping from a group of about 15 sperm whales. 

Photos by Rafael Martins

Sperm whale relaxing in the surface

Sperm whale

Sperm whale diving

Bottlenose dolphin surfacing

Bottlenose dolphin

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