Monday, September 17, 2018

Futurismo takes part on 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium

As you may know, our marine biologists from Futurismo Whale Watching Azores are doing research with the data they collect during our whale watching tours. 

As our guests may notice in all our tours we make photographs of the animals and we always collect specific data (GPS location, number of animals, behavior, and others informations).

Rafael Martins is a specialist about Risso’s dolphins and today he is presenting his scientific poster in the 53rd EuropeanMarine Biology Symposium in Ostend, a Belgian coastal city.

Have a look at his poster and come and find us at the Conference!

- Rafael Martins -
Discovering a resident family of Risso’s dolphins off São Miguel with a newly developed Photo-ID app.

For more information and learn more about Risso'sDolphins and their marks.

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