Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Great sightings with awesome weather in both São Miguel and Pico Island

In São Miguel Island, we had different animals, same species. This morning we could choose what to see. The small boat and the full day boat were in a area where at least 4 tails from female sperm whales were sighted. 

Then in other hand, our big boat Cetus went to see him, our star Mr. Liable. Then, after lunch we had a easy afternoon, Mr. Liable was really close of Vila franca, and the same group of bottlenose dolphin spotted in the morning were quiet close of him.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Sperm whale "Mr. Liable" blows

"Mr. Liable" diving

Photos by Rafael Martins

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin lobtailing

In Pico Island, we went out in yet another sunny day. Before even realizing, we found a sei whale and sperm whales in the same area. We went along with it and then the sei whale "rolled" completely, showing us its belly.

Back in the sperm whale area, we checked it was a group of females with calves. One of the individuals had an open wound. Our biologists believe there was some kind of parasite involved.

After that was time for the dolphins: first of all we saw spotted dolphins, as curious as always. Then we saw very active common dolphins and then striped dolphins. These ones were not that much interested in our boat.

Photos by Rui Santos

Sei whale "rolling"

Spotted dolphins

Wound on a sperm whale

Sperm whale diving

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