Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Heading east for sperm whales and 3 species of dolphins

Today in Sao Miguel we rode out on a wavy ocean towards the eastern end of the island to see different species. In the morning we started with a nice group of common dolphins that we could see feeding on needlefish. 

Next we went further east where we encountered a big group of Atlantic spotted dolphins leaping out of the waves as they all surfaced in unison. Near this area we also had sperm whales to see, so from our different boats we could all enjoy different sperm whales from the group. We saw at least one baby in the group, maybe the same one that was jumping yesterday, as well as some adults that showed us their tails as they went down to look for food. 

In the afternoon we encountered a really nice group of bottlenose dolphins. They were socialising so we could see a lot of interesting behaviours like high leaps and spinning in the water.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Group of bottlenose dolphins 

Bottlenose dolphin

We had impressive jumps

Our vessel "Mirone"

Sperm whale on sight!

Photo by Mariana Silva

Bottlenose dolphins jumping

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