Monday, September 3, 2018

Plenty of dolphins and shy sperm whales

Today in São Miguel we enjoyed a day out on a wavy ocean with a bit of an ocean breeze and plenty of dolphins and some sperm whale to see. 

The sperm whales were around during the morning, although they made us work to see them at the surface. There was a big male sperm whale that was going on shallow dives and surfacing ocassionally, so we could see him briefly at the surface before he went back under. 

To finish the morning tour we had a nice group of Risso's dolphins, which were also around for us to see in the afternoon. The final species to add to our list for the day is the bottlenose dolphin, which were in a nice group with a newborn calf.

Photos by Marina Gardoki

Risso's dolphin

Risso's dolphin close to the shore

Sperm whale surfacing

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