Monday, September 24, 2018

Sperm whale breaching in Sao Miguel and 4 species sighted in Pico Island!

Today in Pico Island, we spent the day nicely with 4 species of cetaceans. We started with sperm whales, the group of females that we know already very well, and in the meantime we passed very quickly near some bottlenose dolphins close to the whales. 

After that we went to see spotted dolphins, they were not interested in our boat, they were very busy feeding. Finally, we had a group of risso's dolphins some females with calves and some of the females were a bit more acrobatic.

Photos by Rui Santos 

Risso's dolphin

Spotted dolphins

Sperm whales

Today was a day of variety. We started the morning with a surprise ... common dolphins right outside of the marina 😀. We went to the east because our lookout had seen a blow. When we got there we had to wait a little bit but we managed to find not one, but two sei whales that were very fast and difficult to follow. 

In the afternoon we decided to go west. We ended up finding a group of 3 sperm whales females and a very small baby. On the catamaran we were not as lucky with the sei whales but in the afternoon we crossed the way of some bottlenose dolphins, which appeared from a dive right in our front. Further to the west far away from the island we found a whole family of sperm whales, at least 8 of them, among them two calves. We observed several tails, but the highlight was definitely one calf behaving like a dolphin, breaching in a special way. All its body out of the water and bending and curving it much so that it entered sometimes head first into the water again. What a show!

Photos by Laura González

"Mirone" boat

Breaching sperm whale

Breaching sperm whale II

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

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