Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sperm whale lobtailing

Today our dolphins took a day off and left us in the company of our so well known Mr. Liable. 

In the morning our Sperm Whale male was delighted by the company of a group of females, even his behavior was different. Always making middle water dives without showing his tail. Only one of the females was in a really good mood, jumping and doing tail slapping, finishing her performance with a beautiful tail. 

In the afternoon our Mr. Liable was already alone and in form of showing off. He ended his visit with his majestic tail.

Photos by Rafael Martins 

Sperm whale lobtailing I

Sperm whale lobtailing II

Sperm whale lobtailing III

Sperm whale lobtailing IV

Sperm whale

Sperm whale surfacing

In Pico Island we had another beautiful day with sightings of sperm whales with several females and calves. We've seen some tails and calves breastfeeding.

We also found a group of pilot whales with several juveniles and some calves. 
Finally, we found a small group of spotted dolphins.

Photos by Rui Santos

Sperm whale tail

Pilot whales

Spotted dolphin

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