Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sperm whale sightings in both islands!

Today we had a long day out in the ocean. In the morning we first traveled east to see a large group of bottlenose dolphins. Then, one of our boats had to travel further west in order to  spot a sperm whale. In the afternoon all our boats managed to see the same species that we saw in the morning, but closer.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Bottlenose dolphins

Eye to eye contact!

Cory's shearwaters

Bottlenose dolphin and baby

Photo by Chiara Cuozzo

Sperm whale blowing and then diving

In Pico, we were expecting rain according to the forecast. Luckily at the end we didn’t have that much. So we made the most and found a group of risso’s dolphins. We also saw 4 sperm whale tails, as well as striped dolphins swimming really fast. By the end of the tour we saw a group of bottlenose dolphins very curious with our boat.

Photos by Rui Santos

Risso's dolphin

Sperm whale diving

Bottlenose dolphin

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