Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sperm whales in São Miguel and Pico Island

Another day in the north in São Miguel Island. We spent the day in the company of several families of sperm whales and in the afternoon one of these families were playing with bottlenose dolphins. Both morning and afternoon we had an amazing show. Tail slapping, jumps, spyhopping ... All we need to be happy. Nice way to say goodbye to the summer and wait to get into autumn with the same luck.

Photos by Marina Gardoki

Sperm whale with São Miguel Island in the background

Sperm whale - spyhoping

Sperm whale

Sperm whales

Sperm whales

Sperm whale - lobtailing

A really agitated day In Pico Island. The sea was wavy but our lookout spotted a group of sperm whales that showed their babies and their tails! On the way back to the harbor we got to see some Risso's dolphins surfing the waves. What a lovely way to spend the day!

Photos by Rui Santos

Female Sperm whale tail and newborn

Female Sperm whale and newborn

Risso's dolphin

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