Monday, September 17, 2018

Tropical storm passed, now it's time for the dolphins again

Today we were back out on the water after the storm that has just passed by the Azores. 

The swell calmed down during the morning and although it rained during the afternoon we could still enjoy dolphins during both tours. 

In the morning we encountered common dolphins close to shore, followed by bottlenose dolphins further out. From our catamaran we also came across two Risso's dolphins, although they weren't as interested in us as the other two species. 

Photo by Mariana Silva

Watching dolphins aboard zodiac boat

Photos by Marina Gardoki

Common dolphin jumping

Aboard our Catamaran to start the day!

Whale watching aboard our catamaran

Our staff is ready to go!

In the afternoon we just encountered common dolphins, but we had a really nice group of about 50 individuals that were staying close to our boat in a nice tight pod. 

We all enjoyed seeing them, especially the young baby dolphins that were present in large numbers.

Common dolphins with calves

Watching dolphins

Common dolphins breathing 

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