Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We had a summer day again and a lot of sightings

As always, we have calm and good weather after the storm, which means for us an excellent sea day with many sightings. 

In Pico Island, we started our tour by seeing a group of female sperm whales, we saw 4 and one of them with a calf, breastfeeding. 

Then with Pico Mountain behind and cloudless sky, we saw a group of spotted dolphins with quite a few calves. And in the end, we had one of our resident group of males risso's dolphins.

Photos by Rui Santos 

Sperm whales and a calf

Spotted dolphins and Pico Mountain at the back

Risso dolphin

In São Miguel, we had a summer day again... and the animals are back again also! 

We managed to see the same species in the morning and afternoon. So today we traveled to east to find a large group of atlantic spotted dolphins. They were very active and full of babies. Then, some meters from the place where we were with the dolphins, several sperm whales appeared and we could see a lot of tails! To finish the trips we stoped to see a group of curious common dolphins.  It was a great day on the ocean!

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Fluking female sperm whale

Two adults and two calves of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Young Sperm whale head out of the water

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins next to the boat

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