Saturday, September 29, 2018

Whale watching in São Miguel and Pico Islands

Today, in São Miguel Island we had a lot of wind and waves, but we all enjoyed the ride out on the ocean to see common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. 

Both species were a delight to see, as they were leaping out of the waves, playing around our boats and coming to check us out. 
We are still seeing a lot of baby dolphins too, even now as the summer season as coming to and end.

Photos by Rafael Martins

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphin jump out of the water

Bottlenose dolphin lobtailing

In Pico Island, it was a windy day too, but we enjoyed the Bottlenose dolphins very active with the waves. We also saw Risso's dolphins jumping and sperm whales tails. One of the sperm whales had a possible malformation on the caudal peduncle as you can prove by the photo below. 

Photos by Rui Santos 

Risso's dolphin jumping

Sperm whale with a possible malformation on the caudal peduncle

Bottlenose dolphin 

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