Monday, September 10, 2018

What a great day out in the ocean with Mr. Liable and lots of dolphins

These last days we have been very lucky with the weather... and with the sightings too. 

Our big friend, Mr. Liable is still here! We could see him both in the morning and afternoon, showing his majestic tail. We have a video about him, check this link.

Photos by Carine Zimmermann

Mr. Liable fluking

Mr. Liable's waterfall

Mr. Liable exhaling

In the morning we could also spot a group of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins and in the afternoon the same group of bottlenose dolphins.

The bottlenose dolphins were very calm but "playing" between them, so we could see several times mating behaviors.

What a great day out in the ocean!

Photos by Rafael Martins 

Common dolphin flying

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Bottlenose dolphins close to shore

Bottlenose dolphin

Photos by Alvaro RP

Swimming with common dolphins

We had amazing weather today!

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