Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Common dolphins and Cory's shearwater in São Miguel tours

Our resident common dolphins closed the month of October. 
The sea was not perfect, but it was possible to see 2 groups of common dolphins. 
Another species that accompanied us during the whole trip were our Cory's shearwater. Have a scary day on this Halloween! 😉

Photos by Rafael Martins and Rui Santos 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Atlantic spotted dolphins surprising us in São Miguel Island

Today we were only able to go out in the morning due to the weather conditions. 

We started our trip with a large group of common dolphins with a lot of small babies. We received information from our lookout that we would have a surprise ... Atlantic spotted dolphins ! It was a giant group with more than 300 dolphins. They were very active playing around our boat. It was a great surprise because we have not seen this species since 25 September. We had already missed these acrobatic crazy guys! 

Photos by Laura Gonzalez

Spotted dolphins

 Common dolphin

Cory's shearwater

Swimming with dolphins

Group of spotted dolphins

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sperm whale 'Mr Liable' visit us in autumn

Today we have seen our favourite sperm whale: Mr. Liable! We arrived just on time, enjoyed him on the surface while breathing and recovering for another deep foraging dive, and saw his magnificent tail. 

On the way back, our second chance to enjoy the common dolphins during our tour. This time, more than a hundred dolphins were feeding together with Cory’s shearwaters. And the sun shining in the sky all morning!
In the afternoon the wond was stronguer but we still saw group of common dolphins :)

Photos by Laura Gonzalez

Sperm whale Mr Liable

Mr Liable blow

Common dolphins

Cory's shearwater

Common dolphin

Friday, October 26, 2018

Losts of dolphins and sperm whales in whale watching tours in São Miguel Island

Today we had a great day out on the ocean.
In the morning we encountered four different species! 
We started with a group of sperm whales, that was also in the same area as some bottlenose dolphins. In total we encountered 5 different sperm whales, including two young juveniles. Next we had a group of Risso's dolphins that we managed to see very well, and finally common dolphins. There were many common dolphins spread out across a large area today. From our dolphin swimming boats in the morning they reported swimming with at least 150 common dolphins! 

In the afternoon we had just as many common dolphins to see. We estimated maybe up to 200 of them, including many tiny calves which were a delight to see. 

We feel very lucky to have had such great encounters today.

Vídeo by Miranda van der Linde 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Common dolphins following us in the Azores

Today we were not very lucky with the weather, we got constant east wind and the rain kept appearing all day, but still we were able to see two different species.

In the morning, we got to see a small group of risso's and different groups of common dolphins.

In the afternoon, we saw again some groups of common dolphins and even a loggerhead sea turtle, came by to say hello!

Video by Mariana Silva

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Common dolphins watching in São Miguel tours

Today we went out on two catamaran trips in the morning and afternoon. We saw common dolphins on both trips. The common dolphins, we learned, jump to breathe, play, show off and to scratch themselves and get rid of parasites. 

There were lots of dolphins with babies, juveniles and adults and they swam very close to the boat.  They were mating, slapping the water and having fun playing. We also saw a school of flying fish who swam out of the wave in front of the boat. They were like large dragonflies. They were blue with some pink.

 Unfortunately, we did not see any whales. There was a bit of rain but we didn´t mind because we were having such fun. We will have to come again in the spring. 

Kai, Fionn, Jude, Portia and Stephen

Photos by David Rodrigues

Big group of common dolphins

Common dolphin jumping

Common dolphins

Whale watching aboard our Catamaran Cetus

Our captain Mário Medeiros

A cruise ship in the marina of Ponta Delgada

Reynolds family writing this post

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dolphins and Sperm whales watching (including the famous Mr. Liable)

We started today with some rain and the wind is picking up again after two perfect calm days, nevertheless, we managed to still get out on the water today and have some successful sightings.

We started the morning tour with a nice group of bottlenose dolphins. Next, we tried to see a baleen whale but only managed to see the blow. But we did succeed in seeing sperm whales. We encountered two individuals together at the surface, and even raising their tails together. To our delight, it was the big famous Mr. Liable accompanied by a smaller female.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Sperm whale (Mr. Liable) tail

Sperm whale (Mr. Liable) tail

Sperm whale (Mr. Liable) tail

Sperm whale blow

Bottlenose dolphins

Watching Bottlenose dolphins


Friday, October 19, 2018

Dolphins had plastic bags attached to their dorsal fins and tails

We could clearly see the existing problem with the plastics in the ocean.

Yesterday, in our first afternoon encounter with bottlenose dolphins, we found 3 individuals with fragments of plastic stuck on their dorsal and caudal fins.

Due to these pieces of plastic, their mobility might be reduced to the point that they are unable to socialize, travel or even feed themselves.

We have to acquire environmental conscience about this topic, change our plastic consumption habits, avoid disposable items, recycle. The future of the oceans it's in our hands.

Photos by Laura González

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A sunny calm day with lots of marine wildlife in whale watching tours in the Azores

Today was a sunny calm day that reminded us of summer. 

The best part was that we had plenty of whales and dolphins to see during the day. The dolphins were bottlenose dolphins, a nice group of about 50-60 individuals that we saw near Ponta Delgada during both the morning and afternoon tours. 

The whales were our resident sperm whales; two different family groups that we saw during the day.

In the morning we saw our famous "red group" which is our most encountered group and includes some whales that we know since at least 2003. From this group we could identify a sperm whale we call "Orca" and another we call "Diamond". 

In the afternoon we encountered the "pink group" that we know since at least 2010. Once again we could identify two members, known as "Peregrine" and "Angel".

Photos by Laura González and Miranda van der Linde 

Sperm whale tail 

Sperm whale tail 

Sperm whale identified

Fishing tuna

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bottlenose and common dolphins and sperm whales in whale watching tour in São Miguel Island

This morning we have seen a very big group of bottlenose dolphins. They were spread out over a wide area but got really curious with the boats and swimmers. 

We saw as well a pod of common dolphins. Both species, at least part of the groups, were feeding together with Cory's shearwaters. 

In the afternoon we saw the same group of common dolphins and several sperm whales, even breaching on the distance. One of the sperm whales went for a deep and long dive showing its tail.

In the Azores, every year the SOS Cagarro campaign takes place between October 15th and November 15th, aiming to save the juvenile shearwaters. Cory's shearwaters are migratory birds that are now starting to leave their nests and getting ready for the oceanic flight.

Photos by Laura González

Cory's shearwaters

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Fluke Sperm whale 

Sperm whale blow left

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