Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Common dolphins watching in São Miguel tours

Today we went out on two catamaran trips in the morning and afternoon. We saw common dolphins on both trips. The common dolphins, we learned, jump to breathe, play, show off and to scratch themselves and get rid of parasites. 

There were lots of dolphins with babies, juveniles and adults and they swam very close to the boat.  They were mating, slapping the water and having fun playing. We also saw a school of flying fish who swam out of the wave in front of the boat. They were like large dragonflies. They were blue with some pink.

 Unfortunately, we did not see any whales. There was a bit of rain but we didn´t mind because we were having such fun. We will have to come again in the spring. 

Kai, Fionn, Jude, Portia and Stephen

Photos by David Rodrigues

Big group of common dolphins

Common dolphin jumping

Common dolphins

Whale watching aboard our Catamaran Cetus

Our captain Mário Medeiros

A cruise ship in the marina of Ponta Delgada

Reynolds family writing this post

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