Friday, October 26, 2018

Losts of dolphins and sperm whales in whale watching tours in São Miguel Island

Today we had a great day out on the ocean.
In the morning we encountered four different species! 
We started with a group of sperm whales, that was also in the same area as some bottlenose dolphins. In total we encountered 5 different sperm whales, including two young juveniles. Next we had a group of Risso's dolphins that we managed to see very well, and finally common dolphins. There were many common dolphins spread out across a large area today. From our dolphin swimming boats in the morning they reported swimming with at least 150 common dolphins! 

In the afternoon we had just as many common dolphins to see. We estimated maybe up to 200 of them, including many tiny calves which were a delight to see. 

We feel very lucky to have had such great encounters today.

Vídeo by Miranda van der Linde 

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