Thursday, November 29, 2018

A day with Sperm whale "Mr Liable"

Today we had a great day! 
In the morning, despite some waves, we were able to see Mr. Liable, our resident male sperm whale! It's always good to be able to enjoy it with his impressive tail! 

In the afternoon, some of our staff decided to go try the hydrophone, so try to find Mr. Liable or other sperm whales again. And we did it!! Mr. Libale is very communicative, and we could hear him perfectly on the hydrophone. 

On the way back, we still saw a bottlenose dolphin alone, with a wound under one of the pectoral fins. We hope Mr. Liable stays here at least until Christmas!

Photos by David Rodrigues 

Our biologist Mariana Silva aboard our Catamaran Cetus

Mr Liable tail 

Mr Liable diving

Listening Mr Liable underwater

Listening Mr Liable underwater II

Waiting for Mr Liable 

All trying to get a great shot from Mr Liable sperm whale 

Don't let a wave surprise you!

Photos by Laura González

Mr Liable blowing

Mr Liable sperm whale in the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphin injured

Bottlenose dolphin injured

Using hydrophone

Using hydrophone

Using hydrophone

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