Monday, November 5, 2018

Risso's dolphins and a Sperm whale in São Miguel Island

Although the sea was a little bit rough today, we could still enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

In the beginning of the trip we found a small group of male risso's close to shore.

After some time of navigation, the crew saw one sperm whale blow at distance so we headed there and passed some time with the animal up to when it fluked to go in a deep dive. 

On our way back we were visited by a cory's shearwater that landed in our boat. Gladly he was safe and we were able to realeased it back in the ocean.

Photos by Rafael Martins 

Risso's dolphin

Sperm whale

Sperm whale tail

Sperm whale tail

Sperm whale at surface 

Risso's dolphin and a cory's shearwater 

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