Thursday, December 6, 2018

False killer whales along with bottlenose dolphins in the Azores

What a beautiful December morning!

Our trip today was wonderful. We started the day with a huge group of false killer whales! This year we didn't see them a lot, so every time with them is special! Together with them, we spotted bottlenose dolphins. It was possible to see perfectly the differences between the two species swimming one beside the other.

False killer whales are found in tropical to warm temperate waters, but it is not known if they migrate as not much is known about their populations.

In the Azores, false killer whales are sighted occasionally, sometimes with other species such as today with bottlenose dolphins.

We enjoyed it a lot! At the end of our trip, we could still observe a group of common dolphins swimming very fast. Hope for more days like this!!

See also our video filmed today by our biologists! 


Photos by Rafael Martins 

False killer whale leaping

False killer whale

False killer whale

False killer whale calf

Fishing boat

Common dolphin

False killer whale

False killer whales and a calf

Photos by Laura González

False killer whale surface

Observing Common dolphin

False killer whales

False killer whales

False killer whale jumping

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

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