Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sperm whale "Mr. Liable" found!

Today we had a beautiful day with the sun shining above our heads and the atlantic ocean full of life surrounding us!

Common dolphins 

As we made our way up to the common dolphins spotted by the lookout we sighted some dorsal fins emerging from the water. It was a small pod of risso's dolphins swimming near some tradicional squid fishing boats. 

A little bit further east we started seeing the dorsal fins of some dispersed common dolphins and more ahead of them we found the rest of the group, that came to us and stayed bowriding the front of our catamaran all together, letting us see them really well. 

To finish our trip we headed to the area where our spotter sighted a sperm whale. As we arrived there we tried our hydrophone to search for the whale echolocating clicks and so to confirm its presence near us. Finally we saw it's blow and got a little bit closer to see this whale and when it dived to go foraging we were able to recognize that it was Mr.Liable, a resident sperm whale of our waters.

Sperm whale "Mr. Liable" diving

"Mr. Liable blowing"

Risso's dolphin

Our team using the hydrophone

Sperm whale diving

Group of common dolphins

Common dolphins

Time to organize the data

Sperm whale diving

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