Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A playful group of common dolphins very close to the harbour

Today on our tour we went out among the clouds. 

We travel a bit to try our luck with a humpback whale. Probably the same individual spotted by our lookouts the last few days. But once again, we were trying and waiting for it, but we didn't find it today! Our lookout explained us that he saw it diving and moving randomly around the same area. 

After some time we decided to keep on with our tour to look for dolphins. And as a good winter day, the rain started to fall when we were heading towards land without seeing anything. But... as you know, good things happen to those who wait, so.. to us! Our lookout took us to a very nice and playful group of common dolphins very close to the harbour. They delighted us playing and bowriding our catamaran.

Our biologists Laura González, Andreia Vieira and Mariana Silva

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