Sunday, February 10, 2019

Always an educational experience! And ready for the next time!

As for this week the weather forecast is not very promising, we decided to try our luck today through the mist. And we tried, but this time, we didn't succeed. Visibility was not good from land due to the fog, and our lookouts did find some dolphins not far from the coast, but from the boat we didn't see them. Sometimes it happens!

Did you know that the methodology we use nowadays to find the animals comes from the whaling times? Two hundred years ago they worked exactly the same way, with people with binoculars looking from land.

Lookout spotting cetaceans with binoculars, just like two centuries ago

But, nature and wildlife are unpredictable! We never know what we can find, as whales and dolphins in the Azores are wild and move all the time. Even though, now in winter, we have good chances to see our resident species (among them, the sperm whale) and sometimes, even some unexpected ones, such as the humpback whale last month.

Lookout using binoculars

So, we must always be ready in order to maximize our chances to enjoy a boat trip in the open ocean. To avoid seasickness, we recommend you always to have breakfast. Yes! Eat something before going out! Your body needs energy, and apples, banana or bread are very good options. Avoid heavy meals, chorizo, orange juice or ananas. Once onboard, we recommend you to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air and the ocean view. We will be always there to help you!

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