Thursday, February 7, 2019

Calm sea and active Common Dolphins

What a beautiful sea. When we left Ponta Delgada, it seemed like a calm summer day, as if it was not cold! It did not take too long to find our first species. 

Indeed, 15 minutes after departure, we found our first Common Dolphins group. They were very curious, in the bow of our boat as if they wanted to play with the children who were there calling them. 

We left the area to try to see something different, but we found common dolphins again and several Great Skuas in the area. 

Since we had already seen the dolphins very well, we turned off the boat and put the hydrophone in the water to see if the dolphins were communicating between them. We heard some whistles but they were not very communicative. 

We tried to hear something else but we were not lucky enough, so we decided to go out for a bit longer, because those who do not take risks cannot win. We took a big step further off the coast but unfortunately we didn't find anything else. We returned home with our cameras full of common dolphins and great skuas pictures.

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