Friday, February 1, 2019

Feeding time for the Risso's, common dolphins and the seabirds

Today, we had a cold but sunny morning. We went out with our catamaran Cetus and started travelling West from Ponta Delgada. Soon, our lookout spotted a pod of dolphins. He directed us to the area and we spotted the first species of this morning: common dolphins. They were very playful and sociable, and we could see them very close from our boat since they were bowriding. 

After a while, the dolphins started to feed and we could see all the feeding festival, with dolphins and birds, mostly gulls but also a young Gannet and two of the first Cory's shearwaters of the year. 

After seeing this show, we had the information that our lookout saw another species of dolphins near the squid fishing boats. So we travelled to the area where they were last spotted and after looking for a while, we found another species: Risso's dolphins. We only saw 3 individuals, that we know belong to one of our resident pods of Risso's dolphins.
Despite the cold, it was a good morning in the presence of two of our resident species.

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