Monday, March 25, 2019

3 species of dolphins in a sunny and bright trip!

Today we had a wonderful spring morning! With the sun and a calm sea, it was the perfect of the week! We were able to observe three of our four resident species of cetaceans. 

All the sightings today were dolphins, so today was the day of resident dolphins of the Azores! Our day started off with the bottlenose dolphins. 

They were a very active group with many individuals, everywhere we looked we saw dolphins! Also, in this group, our biologist Mariana was able to identify the individual "Twisted", a dolphin with a twisted fluke, which we have already identified in our catalogue thanks to the use of photo-id. 

Then, we saw a large group of common dolphins jumping and socializing, a great sighting! 

At last, we ended the trip with the risso's dolphins. 

The sea was so glassy that it was possible to view the white bodies of these individuals perfectly underwater! Let's wait for more sunny days like today!

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