Sunday, April 21, 2019

A blue whale, but not only...

Finally a blue whale! We were missing them this year. They occur every spring around the Azores, and all the sightings we have recorded until now have been done between March and June, mostly in April and May. And today, here it was! 

A beautiful blue whale, quite far from the coast, with its very high blow and its beautiful colour. It was huge and this one gave us a big smile. One of the best moments of the day without any doubt, but not the only one. 

Can you guess how many common dolphins we saw today? We lost our count, they were hundreds, both in the morning and in the afternoon tours. They were friendly, playing with the boats, and with a lot of very young dolphins in the group. 

And if this was not enough, beside a blue shark, a loggerhead turtle and even a tuna fish, what if I tell you that we have seen a whale carcass as well? Maybe it was a sperm whale, but we are not sure, as it was quite decomposed. The smell was not nice at all, but it had plenty of fish underneath. Whale carcasses are amazing opportunities for scavenger animals while they are on the surface, and when they sink, they create unique ecosystems with unique animals that can live only there. The cycle of life! 

Today, our whale and dolphin watching tours started in Pico island! We saw common dolphins and a turtle, quite a good start for a first day! (Pictures by Maria Raquel Fonseca)

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