Saturday, April 20, 2019

A great surprise today with Humpback whales

What a wonderful day today!
The sea was very calm and when we were heading out, we suddenly saw from far away a big splash on the distance! 

They were two humpback whales breaching, slapping with the pectoral fins, like saying ‘Hello’ to us! Humpback whales are not uncommon in the Azores. They pass by the archipelago on their migrations, but seeing them jumping is something that doesn’t happen every day. So we were all very excited!

Common dolphins were around while waiting for the whales, probably feeding and looking for fish. 

Bottlenose dolphins appeared in a large group, social and playful.

 And in the afternoon, even some Risso’s dolphins from our catamaran.

In the afternoon we went also to swim with dolphin and we could do it with a group of common dolphin where we saw one that was with no dorsal fin, like our resident bottlenose dolphin submarino.

It was a really great day! Wait for tomorrow to see more!!!

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