Saturday, April 13, 2019

Around 30 bottlenose dolphins traveling fast!

Today we have had a rainy day out in the ocean. Visibility was not the best, but eventhough, our lookouts managed to find two different species of dolphins: bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. 

A group of around 30 bottlenose dolphins were jumping while travelling fast to the west. 

Some of them were very big! Did you know that they can weight up to 600 kg? They were having fun with the waves. 

In spite of the indications from our lookout, common dolphins were too hard for us to see out in the sea. Today was one of those rainy and quite cold days out in the ocean, when it is more important than ever to have comfortable and waterproof clothes; and have a good (but not heavy!) breakfast to provide energy to deal with this azorean weather ;) 

Spring time, we are waiting for you!

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