Tuesday, June 18, 2019

5 species in 1 day in São Miguel

After 3 days on land due to bad weather conditions, we finally went to the sea and it couldn't have been better. Throughout the day, we sighted 5 different species! 

We started the morning with few different activities: whale watching, swimming with dolphins and a full-day experience including a trip to the famous Vila Franca do Campo Islet.

From our different boats, we encountered different groups of dolphins: 

- Common dolphins feeding and socializing really close to us, 

- Striped dolphins with their characteristic way of swimming,

- And bottlenose dolphins with calves jumping and swimming around our boat.

The highlights of the day? 
Our most loyal sperm whale in the morning, who delighted us with its impressive fluke: Mr. Liable!

In the afternoon, the surprise was a beautiful and majestic Sei whale.

It feels so good to be able to go out again, hopefully the sun shines a bit more tomorrow!

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