Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Sei whale and lots of common dolphins with babies in São Miguel

We managed to start this day with some common dolphins! These resident species had some calves and juveniles frolicking in the waves. 

Then we tried to find the sperm whales that our look-outs spotted, quite far off the west-coast. As the sperm whales dove, we then tried to find them using the hydrophone, but no luck unfortunately. The waves in this area got rougher, the sperm whales can dive for at least 45 minutes, and we were running out of time. But wait! Our lookout managed to spot another surprise for us. So, we continued, and indeed, our look-out led us to a sei whale! The baleen whales are still around! This sei whale seemed to be traveling, so we could follow it underwater. We could see it quite clearly underneath the surface. So in the end, it was worth the wait!

In the afternoon the wind was stronger then in the morning and this made it a bit more tricky for the lookouts and the boats to search for animals. After some time our patience got rewarded and we found the common dolphins. 
As there were many boats we left this group after a short while and came a cross an other one, which were interested in approaching our vessels. We saw them very well. Adults, juveniles and many calves and some of them were leaping and breaching. One seemed to be quite excited as its usually white belly turned rose. So this group of dolphins made our trip worthy and people enjoyed them.

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